Acoustic Ceiling Texture Removal- AKA Popcorn or Cottage Cheese

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Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling texture- also known as “Popcorn” or “Cottage Cheese” texture can make your home look outdated. Many people prefer to replace it with a more modern Skip Trowel, Knockdown,
or Orange Peel type of texture. While acoustic ceiling texture really does help absorb sound, it can also absorb pollutants like cigarette smoke, and serves as a great place for spiders to congregate and can be very difficult to clean.

Removing the old acoustic texture and replacing it is usually a fairly simple and cost effective procedure. The average home takes 3-4 days from start to finish, including prime & paint. It is often done just before or after a move, or in conjunction with some other work such as replacing flooring when the furniture will have to be removed, but
with proper precaution it is possible to perform the work while living in the home without too much disruption.

One caveat, if your home was built before 1978 the old texture must be sent out for testing for a small fee as asbestos was a common component of acoustic ceiling texture before that time. It is not common in houses built after 1971, but should still be tested for. Asbestos in acoustic ceiling texture is not a health threat as long as it is not disturbed. If you have had a water leak or any other event
that has loosened the texture you should consider either removal or encapsulation to prevent asbestos getting into the air.