Previous Painting Projects by New Life Painting

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Previous Projects

On this page we feature some of our previous painting and finishing projects. Click on any image to see a larger version. For more photos
be sure to visit us on Flickr and Google Photos.

Colorful Kitchen Cabinets






The kitchen is the center of family activity in most homes. Make it fun and colorful, let your imagination run wild! This one was part of a whole home remodel but we can update cabinets or add as much color as you like.

Wood grained garage doors

Wood grained garage doors are extremely popular and add a lot of curb appeal to your home. Hinge straps and handles can be easily added to give an old style barn door effect.

Bold stripes can look like wallpaper.

Bold stripes can add an interesting wallpaper effect to any room.

Venetian plaster can be tinted to many colors

Southwest style fireplace done in Venetian Plaster

Simple colors can accent artwork

A simple, contemporary entry using basic colors can be a fine accent for featured artwork.

Living room of home above. Entire house was originally stark white giving it a very cold institutional feel, light beige paint warmed the room considerably.

Cobalt blue columns by pool
Exterior of same home, columns were unpainted concrete.

sponge finished walls

Sponge finish on bedroom walls can lend a rich, wallpaper feel, generating more interest and movement.

Gold metallic on ceiling, gold spong on walls, wood grained doors

Metallic gold ceiling, wood grained doors and crown, gold sponge finish on walls make for an elegant dining room.

Painted door was wood grained to match natural mahogany wainscot

This office door was wood grained to match the mahogany wainscot.

Exterior after stain removal, power wash and re-finish
Much of the siding on this home had dark gray water stains. After cleaning, brightening and re-staining it looks almost new.

Sponge painted cabinet
Originally white cabinet was sponged to match a stone fireplace in the same room.

White washed cabinets before strip and stain
Before photo of old whitewashed cabinets before stripping
and re-staining.

Cabinets after strip and re-stain

Cabinets after being stripped, re-stained, and re-lacquered- much better look with the new granite countertops and ready for many more years of service!

Distressed mission style front doors

Replacement entry door, distressed and finished to give it an Old Mission look. Speakeasy grille was given a patina to make it look like old wrought iron.

Wood grained handrail

Colonial style handrail (originally white balusters with oak handrail and cap) wood grained to match front door.

Antique bronze metallic paint

Foam crown moulding was painted with metallic paint and then given a patina to match antique bronze picture frames in the room below.


New cherry cabinets

New cherry kitchen cabinets, built by SoCal Creative
Woodworks. Stained and lacquered by New Life Painting.

Oak cabinets stained Moorish Teak
New SoCal Creative Woodworks kitchen cabinets. Stained dark
oak and lacquered by New Life Painting.

Multi-color Nursery Wall

Nursery walls painted in checkerboard pattern.

Metallic painted door

Front door painted with Modern Masters metallic paint.

Metallic paint closeup

Closeup of above door showing panel detail.