Sponging- A Faux Finish or Decorative Painting Effect

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Sponging is a relatively easy faux finish technique that can be used as the basis for all sorts of interesting effects. With the proper colors and application, sponging can mimic everything from clouds to stone- or just add extra dimension, texture, and movement to an otherwise boring surface.

Here are a few examples of sponge finishes that we have done, you may click on any of them for a larger image:

sponge finished walls

A two tone sponge effect was applied to the walls in this bedroom to match the colors of the floor tile in the adjoining bath.

Gold metallic on ceiling, gold spong on walls, wood grained doors

The walls in this dining room were sponged with the same Pale Gold Metallic paint used on the ceiling, giving a very elegant look.

Blue sponge finish

Sponging can be done in any color you choose! Light blue gives a cheery, ethereal feel to this musician’s living room.