Wood Graining or Faux Boix

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Wood Graining

Wood graining or Faux Bois can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The most important factor is the color, with grain pattern running a close second. The best way to learn wood graining is to study the real thing. Look at a variety of woods- oak, cherry, maple, walnut, etc.- each has it’s own unique grain pattern. Most can be roughly replicated with a few simple tools, a good eye, and a reasonable amount of practice. Below is a brief outline of the process with photos from a project we did a few years ago. Following that are more photos of other projects.

Wood Grained Front Doors

On this particular project, the client wanted to replace her rather plain, painted front doors with cherry wood doors with beveled glass panes- much more fitting for the home. After pricing replacement doors at over $20,000, the contractor suggested replacing the panels with glass and faux finishing the doors to look like cherry.

Wood grain step 1

Step One- Contractor verified that panels were removable and could be replaced with beveled glass. Since the process would take several days it was determined that the panels would stay in place until woodgraining was finished. Inside molding was loosened so it could be woodgrained in place and then easily removed and replaced once the glass was ready to be installed.

Wood grain step 2Step Two- A solid base coat approximating the lightest color of the wood was applied using a latex eggshell enamel. Main grain was then applied using a commercially available glaze tinted with Van Dyke Brown & Burnt Umber. A combination of rocker style graining tools, graining combs, and softening brushes were used to give definition and character.


Wood grain step 3Step Three- A second, reddish brown glaze was applied to give more color and depth. A dragging brush was used to give striation to the color. Here is a close up for more detail.


Wood grain step 4Step Four- A red tinted varnish was applied to give even more depth and protection. A total of four coats of varnish were applied, after glass and new hardware we had the finished product below:

Wood grain finished

Finished product with new glass and hardware!

White door wood grained to match newly installed mahogany wainscot

Painted door was woodgrained to match existing mahogany wainscot.

Gold metallic on ceiling, gold spong on walls, wood grained doors

Wood grained doors and crown give this dining room a warm, elegant feel.

Wood grained garage door

Wood grained garage doors are a very popular way to add curb appeal to your home.